Wanted Criminal Dead 

A Willimantic man who had been eluding police for two years is dead after reportedly refusing to go to jail. Police say they had active arrest warrants for 30 year old Robert Morales, one for possession of a firearm by a felon the other for 2 counts of burglary and theft. The Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Department received a tip this morning that he was living in a small mobile home in Willimantic.

Lt. Robert young says when two officers went up to that home and found morales, he refused to comply with them.

&quot:We ended up in conversation where he said he was not going back to jail he then went back into the camper and short time later we observed a fire in the camper and heard a gun shot and the camper burned.&quot:

Police say Morales set fire to the camper, then shot himself afterwards. The Fire Marshals office was on the scene as part of the investigation.