Wind Power in Western Maine 

They voted to turn down one of the two.

Transcanada Maine Wind Development and Plum Creek Timberland’s plan to rezone more than twenty three hundred acres for a forty four turbine project in Kibby and Skinner townships got the approval from the Land Use Regulation Commission Monday afternoon.

About seventy people turned out for the votes.

An eighteen turbine project on Black Nubble Mountain in Reddington and Wyman townships was denied by a vote of four to two.

&quot:They have not decided to approve this project they have not decided to deny this project and that won’t happen until they see a staff recommendation, and there’s no certainty what they’ll decided to do at that time.&quot: Said L.U.R.C. Director Catherine Carroll.

The developer of the Black Nubble Mountain Windfarm Project, Harley Lee, says he is extremely disappointed with the decision, but says he is not giving up.