White Stuff ’08 

The storm which dumped near a foot of snow on our state was also responsible for several vehicle collisions, including one fatal crash.

A three-car pile up on Route 196 in Topsham turned fatal Monday when a mother was killed and her child hospitalized. Police say there was an inch of snow on the road at the time of the crash.

An accident in Bridgton sent seven people to the hospital. While a crash in Canaan injured two.

Tractor trailers jack-knifed on I-295 in Topsham and I-95 in Westbrook, no one was hurt in those accidents.

The storm also took a big bite out of town budgets.

At the moment, officials in Ellsworth say their highway department will definitely go over budget. They looked at the last three years when setting up the budget for this year, and say that there was no way they could have anticipated getting so much snow, or seeing the price of diesel increasing so much.

&quot:We have 8 trucks and we’re only a town of less than 7 thousand people and the diesel bill alone for the highway department alone was 24 thousand dollars for the month of December.&quot: Said Ellsworth’s city manager Michelle Beal. &quot:That’s one of the largest we have ever had for the city of Ellsworth.&quot:

Ellsworth budgeted $52,000 for the entire year, and have already used about $24,000.