Former Bangor Mayor Charged With Forgery 

Authorities say the case against Richard Greene began in December, when he submitted three separate invoices totaling almost $19,000 dollars for photographic services.

They say when Greene tried to collect on one of those invoices in the amount of $9,000, the city finance director asked for a signed agreement. Authorities say greene forged the signature of city manager Ed Barrett on that agreement.

Court documents state Greene did it to try to keep from losing his home to foreclosure. Greene’s wife is quoted in the documents as saying Greene was broke and desperate for money.

Greene is not facing any other charges at this time, but according to District Attorney Chris Almy, &quot:We have some concerns that, from what we gather from merchants in this city, there may be other misdeeds or offenses that the defendant has been involved in.&quot:

Almy asks merchants that may have any information to please contact the Bangor Police Department at 947-73-84.

Greene is in his second term on the council and will continue his work while the case is going on. Although as part of his bail, Greene is unable to contact the city manager’s office.

In a statement, city council chair Susan Hawes says the council will wait until the judicial process is complete before coming to any judgment on this matter.

Greene’s first court date is February 7th.