Waterville Chase 

Police got a call around 9:30 p.m. claiming a couple people were harassing customers at the Hannaford in the Elm Plaza.

When officers arrived, 21-year-old Jacob Oyler and 18-year-old Austin Welch fled with 21-year-old Cheyanne Morang in her SUV.

Police say the vehicle swerved around traffic at high speeds, hit three cars, cut through intersections, and ran over a light pole.

A cruiser driven by Sgt. Jeffrey Bearce was able to pass the suspects, and cut them off. The SUV then hit a snow bank and rolled over.

Sgt. Bearce had this to say about the chase, &quot:Fortunately this ended the way it did. It could have ended a lot worse of an outcome. In my opinion they were trying to take cars head-on, and that’s what they almost did to the vehicle just before they rolled. The guys weren’t going to stop. We backed off on bay street. I slowed down in the hopes that they’d stop running, or at least slow down, but they didn’t, they continued to speed up. So we tried to back off so they’d stop, but it just didn’t work. The outcome could have been much, much, worse.&quot:

All three are said to have been drinking.

Oyler is in the Kennebec county jail facing multiple charges.

Morang and Welch were sent to the hospital last night with minor injuries.