Vandals Cause Confusion in Milbridge 

About 30 street signs were stolen or damaged around new year’s eve, and authorities say some signs also disappeared in Gouldsboro at about the same time.

Milbridge officials say it’s a big problem, especially for emergency crews.

&quot:This is very, very serious.&quot: Said Milbridge police chief Lewis Pinkham. &quot:It could be a matter of life and death. It could be an ambulance responding. It could be a police officer responding. It could be a fire truck. And with the new 911 systems there’s a lot of street names…that are different than most people grew up with. Without those signs it’s very critical.&quot:

Milbridge officials say the signs don’t come cheap.

They’re now trying to find money in their budget to replace some of the signs, but probably won’t be able to replace them all at once.

Anyone with information about the stolen signs is being asked to call the milbridge police at 546-2422.