Weekend Snowmobile Accidents 

Authorities say 23-year-old Christopher Jackson was snowmobiling with two friends on Friday night, when his sled rolled over, hitting him in the head.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

On Saturday, an Ornville man was injured after he was hit by another snowmobiler. And, a man riding on Great Pond in Cape Elizabeth crashed his sled, suffering a broken leg.

On Sunday, a Garland teenager reportedly lost part of his leg while trying to help a friend remove snow from his snowmobile’s tracks.

Wardens say Brandon Blanchette was holding the front end of the machine when he slipped and fell underneath.

Also on Sunday, a Windham teenager was hurt when he hit a snow-covered rock in little Sebago Lake.

And, a woman passenger on a snowmobile in Buxton was injured, when the couple hit a bump.

Sergeant Kevin Adam with the Maine Warden Services says alcohol and speed are the biggest factors in snowmobile crashes. He says with all the snow we have, and the well-groomed trails, sledders are often tempted to race through the woods, and that can be deadly.

Sergeant Adam says snowmobilers should also carry a cell phone in case of an emergency, and always let someone know the route you’ll be travelling, so wardens can find you if you get lost or stranded.