Wentzell’s Mother Criticizes Police 

The mother of a Vassalboro man who was shot and killed by police four days before Christmas says her son was in need of help and shouldn’t have been shot.

Denise Paradis says her son, 28-year-old Jason Wentzell, was desperate to talk to his estranged wife when he went to her mother’s house in Gardiner the afternoon of December 21st.

In the road outside the house, Wentzell held a rifle as he blocked the path of a car holding his wife, their 11-month-old son and his mother-in-law.

After letting police remove the women and his son from the car, Wentzell was fatally shot when a Gardiner police officer and a Maine State Police trooper fired their revolvers.

Paradis says police should have subdued her son and found someone to talk to him.

A Gardiner police officer and a state trooper are on paid leave pending an investigation under way by the attorney general’s office.