State To Cut Spending 

The measure is reportedly to help head off a budget shortfall of more than 95-million dollars.

Baldacci says the state government is simply spending more money than it’s taking in.

He wants the various departments to cut spending by 38-million dollars over the next six months.

It is a temporary fix until a supplemental budget can be passed in the upcoming legislative session.

The shortfall is being blamed on several factors, including a struggling economy, and tax revenues that are lower than expected.

&quot:Families and businesses all around Maine are struggling. High heating oil prices and a struggling housing market are forcing people to make tough decisions they have to tighten their belts and government must do the same.&quot:

Departments hit hardest by the cuts will be education and health and human services.

The spending curtailment will delay some services, though the executive order does not call for layoffs.

The measure also avoids additional taxes.

All of the cuts have to be approved by the legislature in the upcoming session.