Verizon Fairpoint Talks 

The Maine Public Utilities Commission will wait another week to take up the issue.

The commission met this morning briefly to say changes have been added to the proposal, which would sell Verizon’s operations in all of Northern New England.

During a brief session Thursday, the commission decided that some issues still need to be addressed before they can rule on the case.

Thursday morning P.U.C. Chair Kurt Adams postponed deliberations due to a stipulation put in the proposal late last night by Fairpoint, Verizon and several other parties.

Those changes attempt to settle financial, broadband deployment and service quality issues. However, the stipulation is being challenged by some including Union Representative Peter McLaughlin who speaks for about 3-thousand Verizon workers in New England. They argue that Fairpoint lacks the financial resources to expand high-speed internet service.

The commission noted that they would like to see all of the parties who still object the proposed sale to come to an agreement before December 20th when the commission reconvenes.

With this delay it looks as if the previous planned closing date on the sale of January 31st will be pushed back.

However, the deal must be approved by regulators in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont if it is to go through at all.