Arrests in Series of Break-ins 

Police arrested 18-year-old John Ruuk of Brewer, 20-year-old Allyn White of Brewer, and 19-year-old Brad Study of Clifton.

They were all rounded up Monday night in Brewer.

The three are accused of smashing in the front window of Roger’s Market Sunday night and stealing beer and cigarettes.

The store has been broken into three times in the last year-and-a-half.

When police searched Ruuk’s apartment, they reportedly found clothing they saw the suspects wearing in surveillance video.

&quot:The real break in the case came from a witness that was in the vicinity of the store and had seen a white cadillac speeding away from the store.&quot: Said Sgt. Sean Hashey of the Maine State Police. &quot:That information was given to the media and subsequently lead to the suspects.&quot:

Sergeant Hashey says the three men have also been charged with the burglary of Cowen’s Service station in Brewer Saturday night.

All three appeared in court Tuesday.