Alledged Counterfeiter Arrested 

Skowhegan deputy police chief Rick Bonneau says they believe 31-year-old Ronnie Lang of Skowhegan is behind the counterfeit tens, twenties and fifties.

Bonneau says that more than two hundred dollars in fake money has been circulated since early November.

He says the money is showing up in tens, twenties, and fifties at businesses all across Skowhegan, as well as at one business in Waterville.

Bonneau is urging all employees to check all money being exchanged.

Business owners we talked to say they are checking all money being handed to them. Most are either using a marker that changes from a yellow to a brown shade if the money is fake, others are holding the bill up to light: if it’s real it will have a watermark of a face on the back left side of the bill.

Lang was arrested early Wednesday morning.