Brewer School Vote 

The new school, valued at roughly 37-million dollars, would feature two floors, 71 classrooms, and is estimated to reduce energy costs by 50-thousand dollars in the first two years.

Voters will also choose whether to add a 2 million dollar performing arts facility to the bill.

The current facility at the middle school is slated to be shut down if the plan is approved.

School superintendent Daniel Lee says most of the current buildings were constructed after the baby boom of the 1950’s.

&quot:Since then, one of our buildings has had to be closed due to snow removal problems, so we’ve moved children in to trailers and a second school, so its very over crowded.&quot: Lee told TV5 on Monday. &quot:We also have some life safety issues, A.D.A issues, handicapped accessibility, and so this new school is vitally important to the community to provide really state of the art education for our children between now and the next 50 years.&quot:

Lee says that if the new school is approved, it will be built near the old Pendleton Street School, and should be finished by the fall of 2010.

Brewer residents can cast their votes at the Brewer Auditorium between 8am and 8pm Tuesday.