Bangor Prepares for Storm 

Bangor Public Works crews spent the weekend getting ready for the first major storm of the season.

Foreman Matthew Oakes tells us his crews spent Saturday inspecting all their vehicles, getting chains on the tires and making sure every truck was ready to go.

He says plowing could be difficult if we experience heavy snow during Monday’s rush hour…since plow trucks will likely be caught in traffic.

Oakes says his main concern is folks on the roads during the storm.

He says during the first storm of the year, his drivers often encounter people trying to speed their way through town…and that usually leads to accidents.

He’s advising folks to slow down, and to always leave plenty of room for plow trucks to get by.

Oakes says the city will have a full crew on during the storm…he expects about fifty workers to be out and about, salting roads and plowing.