Plum Creek Hearings Begin 

Hearingsgot underway Saturdayin

Greenville on Plum Creek’s plan for a major development in Maine’s

Moosehead Lake area.

The first of four public hearingswas heldat Greenville High

School, in the neighborhood of where the development would be.

Because of the widespread interest in the proposal, the Land Use

Regulation Commission is streaming the audio from the hearings on

the Internet for those interested in listening in. Commission

Director Catherine Carroll calls it’s an &quot:unprecedented&quot: step to

help the public stay informed during the hearing process.

On Sunday, the hearings shift to the Augusta Civic Center. Two

more hearings are scheduled later this month in Portland and back

again in Greenville.

Seattle-based Plum Creek wants a zoning change on 420,000 acres

as part of a three-decade plan to develop 975 house lots and two