Out of Gas 

Anthony Seccareccio opened the P.PD.Q. convenience store in Rockland, back in May.

At that time, he says, the price of fuel was at about a $1.99 a gallon.

He says he never expected the price to soar to $3.25.

Last week, when the pumps ran out of gas, Seccareccio says he simply couldn’t afford to buy anymore. And, if gas prices don’t drop significantly, seccareccio’s not sure he’ll be able to stay in business.

&quot:I got the place for sale now. I think that what will happen is that the big companies will end up owning everything, and you know yourself, the backbone of this country is small business, but when there’s no small businesses left, there’s no money for the government.&quot: Seccariccio says he’s turning out more homemade pastries and food, hoping that will make up for some of what he’s lost at the gas pump.