Changes coming to Speedway 95 

One of the changes is with racings biggest class. The pro stocks were dropped from the card at Unity Raceway last summer… Speedway 95 thought they’d end up with more…. but once again they had eight. They’ll drop them for next year.

You know the handwritings been on the wall I’ve fought for Pro Stocks for years but for the well being we’ve got to make a change.

The pro stock drivers have always been the identity… The veterans of the track… Guys like Seekins, Phippen, Deane, White, Day… Merritt hopes that some of the teams will scale down to the limited class.

Phippen, there is a good chance he’ll go. I hate to see it, the same with Ryan Deane or any of them.

There will be a new class of racing on Wednesday nights at the Hermon track… A V-6 cheater division with only 3 or 4 rules to follow.

Dam it everyone says that drivers cheat anyway so I’m really excited about the cheaters class and hoping it takes off.

By the way, Wiscassett raceway is adding pro stocks again for next summer. And there is also the expensive PASS tour for drivers of the big cars.