Police Investigating Sand-Throwing Incident 

It’s been more than a week since a top

runner said he was attacked during a New England regional

cross-country meet in Cumberland, and police are hoping that photos

and videos taken at the meet will help identify the alleged


Mohamed Noor of Lewiston High School told police that the

spectator who attacked him was a middle-aged white man who wore

glasses and a green shirt or coat. Noor is black and moved to Maine

from Somalia in the past year.

The head of a Somali advocacy group has quoted Noor as saying he

believes the attack that forced him to drop back from the front of

the pack was racially motivated. The group has asked the FBI to

investigate the incident as a civil rights matter.

Cumberland police say that unless they can locate the man or

find a way to document the incident, it’s impossible to determine

whether a crime took place.