Dumas in Court 

Also, court documents are revealing new details about what happened in the woods last week, between 48-year-old Joseph Dumas and 70-year-old Mario Litterio.

Dumas apparently asked Litterio to help him track a deer.

The newly released documents claim that it was while they were walking in the woods that Dumas opened fire with a pistol, for no apparent reason.

He pulled the trigger until the weapon had been emptied, he then shot his friend with a rifle, and left Litterio’s body in the woods.

Police say Dumas has confessed to the crime, but hasn’t offered a motive.

He will say that he was high on cocaine and alcohol when the shooting took place.

Dumas is now waiting for a bail hearing.

Litterio’s body, and the weapons, were found Saturday after Dumas told police where to find them.

Dumas is currently being held without bail at the Penobscot County jail.