Bangor Landmarks 

Those plans have gotten the attention of some worried residents.

Thursday night, they addressed their concerns before the historic preservation commission in Bangor.

EMMC construction manager Patrick Taber laid out why demolishing the two State Street properties had been part of the hospital dialogue, saying that at this point, the buildings are &quot:…just a financial burden to the hospital.&quot:

Some residents who opposed tearing down the building seemed to understand where the hospital was coming from, while other residents expressed frustration with how the hospital is handling expansion in the community.

Mr. Taber did have some words that eased some people’s minds.

&quot:We have no plans to put a parking lot there we have no plans to use that for any use that is outside the boundaries of the residential district so I’d just like to take that off the table.&quot:

The commission has decided to form a &quot:community group&quot: made up of hospital staff, local residents, and the historic preservation members to try and decide the best solution for the hospital and the community.

This &quot:Historic Preservation Commission&quot: will also begin the process of classifying the two buildings as Bangor landmarks.