Halloween Prank Gone Bad 

32-year-old Avery and 22-year-old Aaron Sawyer were visiting their mother’s Clinton street home on Halloween night, when the house was egged.

The brothers hid in the bushes with a metal flashlight, to wait for the eggers to return.

According to police: the pair sprang from their hiding spot and assaulted some teens approaching the home.

Two female juveniles and a male juvenile were injured.

A local corrections officer, whom was out trick-or-treating with his kids, was notified of the situation.

He intervened, and kept the brothers in a headlock until police arrived on the scene.

&quot:Well, I think that it all could have been avoided very easily…you know, the police are there to do their jobs…let them do their job, call us!&quot: Said Milo police Chief Michael Poulin.

According to chief Poulin, the Sawyer brothers were arrested and charged with assault, and are expected to make their first court appearance sometime in December.