Are Dogs Being Poisoned in the Monson Area? 

Kellie LeBrecque says her two-year-old Rottie-Lab mix died recently, after eating rat poison.

LeBrecque thinks poisoned meat was thrown in to her yard, she says the dog started vomitting recently.

By the next day, he had lost the use of his hind legs.

LeBrecque took the dog to the vet, but a short time later, her pet had taken a turn for the worse.

&quot:By 1:30 in the morning he was in pain, he was crying, he was seizuring and he couldn’t move.&quot: LeBrecque told TV5 Wednesday. &quot:He was trying to get somewhere and he couldn’t. So in the pouring rain at 2:30 in the morning, I brought him to the vets, and by then he was in a coma.&quot:

LeBrecque eventually had to put the dog down. She says for the past two years, right around hunting season, incidents involving poisoned dogs begin to surface in the Monson area.

Animal control officer Joe Guyotte is investigating.