Early Elections 

This year they’re making it quicker and easier than ever before: early voting is being offered to every eligible person in Bangor.

It’s part of Maine’s early voting pilot project. Residents of Bangor, Portland, and Readfield will be able to vote a few days early. The process similar to election day: voters can head to the polls, cast their ballot, and then place it directly into the ballot box or tabulating machine.

Early voting doesn’t replace absentee ballots, but it is being called a way to make the process a little more voter friendly.

The state is looking at making early voting a standard process. If all goes well in Bangor, Portland, and Readfield, early voting should be available next year in all maine cities.

If you live in Bangor and want to take advantage of the early voting, you can do so by heading to the Bangor Civic Center. Polls there are open from Wednesday through Friday from 8 am until 6 pm, from eight until noon on Saturday, and again on Monday from 8 until 6.

And there’s even still time to register to vote, just bring identification and proof that you live in Bangor, and you can register right at the polls.