Downtown Bangor Store Evicted 

The order came down Tuesday morning after a code enforcement officer found the building unfit to use, and told volunteers they had two days to get everything out of the store.

The landlord and the city of Bangor have been having issues about the safety of the building for awhile, but this notice came as a shock to workers at Ofelia’s, as they thought they were following all the code laws.

The thrift store is also part of an organization that plays a huge part in assisting low income families with food and clothing and relief efforts not just in our community but all over the nation.

The Bangor store plays venue to art openings, music shows, and all kinds of creative outlets for kids and adults. All the funds made from these events go to the food drives and relief work.

Now workers and directors have less than 48 hours to find a place to put all the art, clothing, and food, while continuing with the plans for their thanksgiving food drive.

If you had planned to drop off food and clothing–you can do that at their food cupboard at 831 Pushaw Road in Glenburn, but you can really help Ofelia’s if you know of or have a place for them to relocate for all their venues. Owner operator Sergio Ramos can be reached at 852-7150.