Cianbro to Purchase 

The Brewer city council voted unanimously Tuesday morning to authorize Cianbro the right to purchase the property when ready.

Cianbro is currently leasing the property.

Brewer’s economic development director says this decision allows the company to invest in the property and do what they need in order to complete the project.

&quot:There’s a limit to how much money an individual or business is going to invest in a property before they own it.&quot: Said Director Darcy Main-Boyington. &quot:So at this point, they know they have an irrevocable option to purchase the property.&quot:

Main-boyington says this also assures the city of Brewer they will get the development planned for.

Earlier this month demolition crews started tearing down some of the buildings at the former site to make way for a new manufacturing facility that will produce steel modules.

Cianbro plans to start that production next April.