Barn Burns in Bradford 

Calls came in to the at around 12:45 am, saying that a building at 970 main street was ablaze.

Fire fighters said that they could see the light of the fire more than a mile away.

When they arrived on scene, a barn attached to the home was already fully engulfed in flames, and the fire was now pouring into the back of the house.

Several cows perished in the fire, but home owner Richard Hurd and his wife Alice managed to make it out safely. And thanks to good teamwork by the fire crews, the Hurds still have a place to call home.

&quot:The crews that came tonight did an excellent job.&quot: Said Bradford’s assistant fire Chief Scott Demoranville. &quot:This is what they train for, spend all the hours away from their families.&quot:

Demoranville says there was minimal damage to the home. Though the barn did flare up again shortly after crews had left the scene.

No word yet on what caused the fire, although it did start in the barn.