Man Hits Home in Motion 

Authorities tell us that Joshua Gilespie was driving toward Bangor on Route 1-a, just before 11 am Thursday.

Somehow, he collided with a tractor-trailer that was hauling a modular home, police say they believe that Gilespie’s car crossed the center line, colliding with the semi’s fuel tanks.

The crash closed the busy road, and caused a lot of damage.

&quot:[It was] just a loud crash in the road. We couldn’t even hear the glass.&quot: Said Mark Remick, who witnessed the crash. &quot:It just sounded like the load shifted on the tractor trailer…&quot:

Gilespie ended up with severe injuries. He was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center by life flight helicopter. The driver of the truck was not injured.

Route 1-a was reopened at around four o’clock, Thursday afternoon.