Car Complaint 

A Canadian couple who were turned down

dozens of times when they tried to buy a new car in the U.S. are

challenging what they regard as illegal discrimination.

Rhonda Chancey and Allan Coombs, a married couple from

Newfoundland, said more than 80 New England dealerships, including

61 in Maine, refused their business.

Chancey and Coombs filed a discrimination charge with the Maine

Human Rights Commission and plan to sue five car companies.

Their lawyer, Stephanie Jazlowiecki of Topsham, says the

companies, including General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, seek to

maximize profits by not allowing Canadians to take advantage of

their strong dollar and buy new cars in the U.S., where prices are

much lower.

Jazlowiecki said she plans to file similar complaints in New

Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Chancey and Coombs finally did buy a car, a 2008 Pontiac

Torrent. A relative in New Hampshire purchased it for them at a

local dealership and then sold it to the couple.

The lawyer said that even though they had to pay transfer tax

and sales tax twice, the vehicle was still cheaper than it would

have been in Canada.