Phone Scam 

Beverly Weeks began receiving calls at her Skowhegan home last week. Angry calls from people all across the country accusing her of calling and trying and get them to give out their credit card information.

Weeks says after a few calls she realized what was going on: someone was using her telephone number illegally.

Verizon officials and local police told Weeks there was nothing they could do.

Weeks contacted the public utilities commission, but they have never heard of a situation where someone’s number has been hijacked and used fraudulently, and they are trying to figure out whether or not they have any authority to deal with this complaint.

The scamer tells targets that they work for credit card services company. Officials at the company based in the middle east country of Lebanon, say they know nothing of this situation, and they don’t ask for credit card information over the phone.

If the public utilities commission decides they have no authority in handling this, it may have to go straight to the federal level.