Lobster Line Controversy Continues 

It was another tense day for downeast fishermen Tuesday. A flight to confirm if there are any Right Whales in the area had to be called off because of sea conditions that limited visibility.

The National Marine Fisheries Service says three Right Whales were spotted by an aerial survey earlier in October.

That sighting prompted authorities to require fishermen to change gear in an effort to keep the whales from becoming entangled in the ropes connecting lobster buoys to the traps below.

The regulations take hold on Saturday and require lobstermen to switch &quot:sinking&quot: rope, or pull their gear from the water.

The mandated changes cover an 840 square mile area, and will last for 15 days.

Fishermen say the catch is lower this year, and the mandated changes come at the peek of the fishing season.

They say nobody wants to hurt the endangered Right Whale, but they point out the sighting was almost two weeks ago, and nothing has happened to them since then.

The N.M.F.S. says they will make another attempt at sending a plane up to check for the whales.