Etna Fire Dept. No More 

Fire chief Rick Goodell claims he was taping footage of emergency calls for training purposes, but board members say he ignored certain orders when he put the video on the internet, and now the whole fire department is paying the price.

Members of the board told TV5 that they didn’t want any video on the website to have reference to the town of Etna, but town manager Evelyn Serval says Goodell defied those orders. A move viewed by the board as insubordination.

The fire department will be closed down at least until the next selectman’s meeting, but firefighters, including chief Goodell, are wondering why the whole department and the people of the community have to suffer because of this.

The towns of Carmel and Stetson will respond to Etna’s emergency calls for the next two weeks.

The next selectman’s meeting is scheduled for October 22nd.