EMMC Nurses Back at Bargaining Table 

It’s back to the bargaining table for nurses and administrators at Eastern Maine Medical Center.

They plan to meet with a federal mediator on Thursday, in the hopes of reaching a contract agreement.

The nurses’ union has told the hospital it will strike for 24 hours, starting at 7AM on October 17th.

The president of the nurses’ union says more members voted on the second contract than the first one, and they still rejected it by 80%.

Judy Brown says that’s evidence of strong support among the nurses for establishing their own advisory committee, made up only of staff nurses.

But Lorraine Rodgerson, the chief nursing officer at EMMC says she’s baffled by the demand, considering a current nursing practice committee already lets nurses raise concerns to the president of the hospital.

Jill McDonald, Vice President for Communications says the hospital has many, many teams in place and lots of committees and groups that are working on a variety of topics and issues. She adds that EMMC will not exclude one voice, for the sake of another.