Judge Considering Murder Trial 

A Judge is trying to determine whether the state has enough evidence to put thirty-seven-year-old Shannon Atwood on trial for murder. Atwood pleaded not guilty to killing Cheryl Murdoch, and his wife, Shirley Moon-Atwood. Murdoch’s body was found in August 2006 in woods near Atwood’s mobile home, Moon-Atwood’s body was never found.

At a three-hour hearing Friday in Skowhegan, Atwood’s lawyer put forth an &quot:alternative suspect&quot: defense by attempting to shift suspicion for Murdoch’s death onto Moon-Atwood. Atwood is being held without bail and would likely go to trial in mid-2008.

If Justice Nancy Mills finds probable cause, his right to bail would be extinguished, but the judge could still agree to set bail after another hearing.