EMMC Nurses Continue Talks 

Unhappy with their contract offer, more than 850 nurses say they’re prepared to go on strike if they don’t get what they want: to have more say on how they do their jobs.

The nurses union notified the hospital Monday morning about their intent to strike.

The nurses want a professional practice committee to be created, which would be made up only of staff nurses, no managers.

Over the weekend, the hospital upped its original contract offer with more money and better health care coverage, but nurses’ union president Judy Brown says it all comes down to giving nurses a bigger voice in how they care for their patients.

Brown says this committee would be unlike the committees of which staff nurses are currently a part.

&quot:Many of those committees when the staff nurses have spoken up, they’re then hauled into the office and talked to about not being a team player or having a negative attitude, those types of things.&quot: Brown told TV5 Monday. &quot:We would like to have an open, safe forum for nurses to discuss what they need to discuss.&quot:

&quot:Where we object is the exclusion of our nurse managers.&quot: Said E.M.M.C. President and CEO Deborah Carey Johnson. &quot:We feel why not assemble all of the talent you have in an organization and expertise and come up with plans that are going to have the best chance to successful.&quot:

Hospital administrators would like the union to vote again on the new offer put on the table this first weekend of October.

Brown says the union would consider that, if a package includes a nurses-only committee.

Right now a 24-hour strike is set to go into effect at 7am on October 11th.