Acadia Bussing Program 

According to officials at the department of transportation, the D.O.T. and the town of Trenton are proposing a project to ease the summer travelling woes along Route 3.

The Sensible Transportation Act, passed in 1991, requires that all alternatives are thoroughly explored before the construction of a highway is even considered. That is why Ron Roy of the Department of Transportation along with the town of Trenton and the Friends of Acadia are hoping this new project will make it a little less stressful for travelers to get to Mount Desert Island.

&quot:The project is a proposed intermodel transportation center, which would consist of bus maintenance facility, a commuter parking lot, and visitor parking lot.&quot: Roy told TV5, outlining the new &quot:transportation hub&quot: which would be built in Trenton about 2 miles north of the Trenton/Bar Harbor airport.

Officials are hoping the visitors, especially overnight visitors, would park their cars in the space, and take the bus into M.D.I.

The goal of the project isn’t just to reduce traffic on Route 3, they also hope that the project will encourage people to use alternate methods of transportation once on the island, freeing land that might have become parking on the ever-shrinking island.

Mr. Roy just hopes this gives travelers a little more breathing room as they hit the road to explore the island.

&quot:We have a responsibility at the department of transportation to allow the people of the state of Maine to be able to move.&quot:

Several residents of Trenton turned out to a meeting Tuesday night, some of whom expressed several problems with the propossal. According to one Trenton resident, the DOT is circumventing the town’s zoning board, and isn’t looking for regional approval before embarking on this project.