St. Albans Fire 

Firefighters from St. Albans, Pittsfield, Hartland and Corinna were called to 379 Nokomis road to fight the blaze.

A neighbor reported seeing flames shooting from the 2 story home. By the time crews arrived on the scene, the fire was fully involved.

Firefighters are unsure if anyone was home at the time of the fire, they have been unable to locate the resident or two irish setters reportedly living in the home.

They did find a car in the driveway with keys in the ignition, and the front door of the house was unlocked.

Chief Crocker, with the St. Albans fire department says, while they were able to put out the fire pretty quickly, the house is a total loss.

Officials believe the fire started on the first floor.

While firefighters attempt to locate the home owner, the state fire marshal’s office has been called in to investigate blaze.