Nurses May Strike 

Nurses and hospital management have been negotiating for nearly two months, but have not be able to agree on a new contract. If there is no deal by the end of this month, nurses may go on strike for the first time in the hospital’s history.

Nurses’ union president Judy Brown claims the hospital is understaffed, and says patient care is suffering.

&quot:People don’t get turned enough, they don’t get their meds in a timely fashion because we can’t get to them.&quot: Brown Told TV5 on Thursday. &quot:They’re constantly adding on new computer tasks that have to be done yet staffing isn’t increased.&quot:

Hospital management disagrees, saying that EMMC exceed the number of nurses as laid down in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s &quot:safe staffing plan.&quot:

Management ans staff have another three days of negotiations scheduled. However, if no agreement is reached by September 30th, the nurses can file an intent to strike, giving the hospital 10 days notice to bring in nurses from out of state to fill the jobs.