New Bike Law 

There are several new state laws that go into effect, starting Thursday September 20th.

You can now be pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt, people under 18 can no longer have handheld electronic devices while driving, and there’s new restrictions for folks who bike.

The new bike law is designed to ensure safety for everyone using Maine roads, and while there have been laws in the past to protect bicyclists, this one gives more clarification for both drivers and riders.

According to the law motorist must give cyclists three feet of clearance when passing, and drivers may cross a solid yellow centerline in order to pass bicyclists: providing it’s safe.

Some other changes: bikers are now allowed to move from the right side of the road to avoid hazards like potholes and parked cars, children 15 and under found not wearing a helmet when riding may be fined 25 dollars, and liability is waived for businesses with drive-up windows allowing bicyclists equal access to banks, restaurants, and other places with that drive up access.

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