Construction Raises Safety Concern 

Up until Friday, Sept. 14th, a school bus picked up and dropped off Bobbie Dumond’s 7th grade sons a few feet from their front door.

Now Lucas and Nicholas have to walk down Gilman Road, in front of a construction zone, to catch their ride on Stillwater Avenue.

Dumond says her sons don’t mind walking, it’s where they need to walk that bothers her, especially for her older son, Lucas, who has a learning disability.

&quot:Nick, he’s only 12, and he’s always kept an eye on Lucas cause lucas doesn’t always watch out for things coming.&quot: Says Dumond. &quot:And he shouldm’t have that on his shoulders to have have to watch out for his brother: for these big trucks that could be possibly hitting them both.&quot:

Alan Kochis, the director of business services for Bangor schools, says &quot:The construction is slowing down the school bus considerably, and the department feels middle school age kids can walk to a central point and get picked up.&quot:

He adds that a school bus still meets Bobbie Dumond’s daughter near the house, because she’s nine, and in elementary school.