Senator’s Iraq Visit Sparks Debate 

She went overseas with several colleagues from congress, and spoke with top Iraqi leaders.

Their mission was to assess the situation there, after the reports to congress last week by General David Petraeus, the head of coalition forces in Iraq.

Snowe says the Iraqi government needs to do more to implement reforms that would lead to stability in the region.

After her arrival back home, Senator Snowe had this to say:
&quot:Time is of the essence, and we have a limited window of opportunity to insure that the iraqis understand that national reconciliation is the only way that they can insure stability in their own country, and most importantly to sustain the achievements that have been accomplished by our brave men and women in the military.&quot:

Meanwhile, the local peace movement is criticizing Snowe and her congressional colleagues.

Dud Hendrick of Veterans for Peace says the U.S. is trying to shift the blame to the Iraqi people for the disasterous mishandling of the situation in that country.