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Greater Bangor Open may be back… 

THE GREATER BANGOR OPEN GOLF TOURNAMENT MAY NOT BE DEAD JUST YET. FUNDING FOR THE EVENT AS WELL AS A SCHEDULING CONFLICT WAS THOUGHT TO BE THE DEMISE OF THE EVENT. BUT AS TIM THROCKMORTON REPORTS, THE EVENT COULD BE BACK NEXT SUMMER.For 40 years the Greater Bangor Open was a staple of the mini golf tour in the Northeast. Young pros played the Bangor event with hopes of making the PGA tour. At one point the GBO had the largest purse of the independent tournaments when it first went to 50 thousand dollars.But the event ran into trouble in recent years when corporate fund raising for the tournament slowed and the final straw seemed to be another tournament in New England scheduled for the same week in 2008. This summer the pros made their feelings known to Bangor Muni Club Pro Brian Enman.It really came to the front that the guys want to play in our tournament. So that North American Golf Tour wouldn’t be able to hold an event against us. So that showed that we were doing something right here and we’re looking at keeping it going.Enman, former GBO Chairman Earl Black and others are setting up a budget to again test its feasibility. There is a possibility of hiring a fund raiser as well as increasing the total purse to 75 thousand dollars.That would attract the better golfers away from other events. Sponsors would see some of those golfers appear on the PGA tour and excitement for the Bangor event might build.The committee will get together again in a couple of weeks. Tim Throckmorton WABI TV 5 sports.