Freedom Walk 

The annual freedom walk is a way to remember those who were killed on September eleventh.Dozens of people took part in the walk that started at the Augusta armory, and ended at the state house.Among them was Donna Chapman who recently started the local chapter of Operation Homefront, a group that supports military families while servicememebers are away at war.Donna carried a flag that includes the name of every person killed on 9-11.She says it’s important to remember them, and to remember those who are still in harm’s way.&quot:This isn’t about us today. Operation Homefront, it’s about our troops serving our country, our firefighters, our emergency personnel.&quot: Governor Baldacci also spoke at the event: saying our nation will never forget those who died and the family members they left behind.The first freedom walk was held on September eleventh, 2005, when thousands of people walked from the pentagon to the national mall in Washington.