Somerset Jail Woes 

The question is: should they go ahead with the $30 Million project if the state is just going to take it over, leaving local residents to cover the cost

But Governor Baldacci only said that he’d work with county officials throughout the process to find a financial plan.

&quot:We’d like to cooperate and work with you to make sure citizens and tax payers are given relief and not added burdens.&quot:

That answer wasn’t quite what county officials were looking for. When one official voiced his concern, the Governor had this to say:

&quot:…whatever you want to do in Sommerset County is fine by the state. If you want to close your jail, close your jail, if you want to work with the state, we want to work with you.&quot: The Governor did make one thing clear. &quot:Our plan does not need Somerset county jail in order to operate.&quot:

&quot:We’re very disappointed.&quot: One Somerset Official told TV5. &quot:It was understood by Denise Lord in a meeting we had with the commissioner and subsequent comments made in the press that we’re the cornerstone of the project. So what is it Governor Are we the cornerstone or you don’t need us If you don’t need us, we should probably stop construction as soon as possible.&quot:

The construction is reportedly costing an average of $1 Million a day, and even if construction were to cease immediately, the county would have to pay to stop the contruction, and remove all of the gear.

The commissioners say they’ll make a decision about the construction on Wednesday, September 19th.