Plane Crash Latest 

FAA investigators are trying to determine what caused the plane crash that killed two men from Maine and injured two others Saturday. It happened in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

The plane arrived at an airport there with two people onboard…two additional passengers got on, and the plane took off around 10:45 a.m.

Shortly following takeoff, the pilot called in a mayday, and the plane crashed.

The pilot, Lawrence Mann of Portland, and one passenger, Cabot Squire, also of Portland, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Two other passengers, Jared Lamey of Saco and Mathew Kramer of Mansfield, Massachusetts were seriously injured. They’re being treated at Boston hospitals…Kramer was last listed in critical condition…Lamey in serious condition.

FAA offcials say the pilot radioed that he was in trouble because the Cessna 172 wasn’t climbing at a sufficient rate. The plane is registered to Twin Cities Air Service out of Auburn, Maine.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board are also investigating.