Fire in Surry Illustrates Need for Volunteers 

We’ve heard for awhile now how fire departments all around Maine are in need of volunteers…

On Thursday a fire in Surry showed just how desparate the need is.

Firefighters were first called to the Toddy Pond Road in Surry just before one o’clock. When they arrived, heavy smoke and flames were pouring out of the house.

Firefighters say that, unfortunately, a shortage of manpower hampered their efforts to put out the fire.

&quot:We had plenty of water and plenty of tankers, but we didn’t have the personnel to put them to work.&quot: Said Lt. Kevin Bland of the Ellsworth Fire Department. &quot:It makes it very difficult with volunteer departments with people working. Some people work out of the community where they live. They work outside so it makes it awhile to get enough here.&quot:

Neighbors say the homeower was outside when he noticed the flames, and ran down the road for help.

No one was injured.