Farmers Getting Duped On Hay Scam 

The Maine Department of Agriculture has received several complaints from Maine farmers regarding a scam in which a person from out of state inquires about purchasing hay. After a deal is struck the scammer then sends a check to the farmer for a sum larger than the cost of the hay. The check generally draws out of an account with no balance or is fraudulent. Due to overpayment the farmer is then asked to wire the scammer back the difference. When the check doesn’t clear the farmer is out of the wired difference.

Attorney General Rowe says &quot:We have seen this type of scam before. In the past it has involved predominately ebay transactions, but thieves are constantly evolving their methods…&quot:

The Office of the Attorney General encourages anyone who is asked to wire money as the result of an overpayment to ask their bank to notify them when the check has cleared.