Burglar Nabbed 

BANGOR – 23-year-old Brooks Kenney of Bangor was arrested Thursday night on 15th St., after a woman spotted him in her backyard and called police.

Officers say Kenney was holding a lap top computer which had been stolen from a home on Ralph St. earlier in the evening.

According to Lt. Tim Reid of the Bangor Police Department, after Kenney was interviewed by police, &quot:a search warrant was then executed at his residence at 50 Charles St, and a large number of items were recovered, including two firearms taken from Highland Ave. the day before.&quot:

Kenney is currently being held at the Penobscot county jail, he’s expected to be arraigned next week on at least a dozen burglary charges.

He’ll also be charged with assault for spraying an 82-year-old woman with mace during one of the break-ins.