Student Safety Top Priority at University of Maine 

The massacre at Virginia Tech last April made a lot of universities and colleges take a close look at their own campuses, wondering if their emergency response plans are adequate.

That’s why school officials in Orono, as well as folks from neighboring towns, got together Wednesday to discuss ways to handle a number of situations: from chemical spills to shootings.

In some situations, the university may have to rely on emergency crews from Orono, Old town or other communities for help.

&quot:Their cooperation is absolutely integral.&quot: Said U Maine representative Joe Carr. &quot:For instance, the university doesn’t have a fire department, so fire response comes initially from Orono and the communities of Orono and Old Town are fully integrated in many ways with the university and that kind of collaboration and cooperation is critical to successfully managing any kind of situation.&quot:

One thing the university will use to help protect students and staff is a new system called umaine.text.

In the event of an emergency, emails and text messages will be sent out as alerts, providing important information that could save lives.

That system will go on line September first.