Lobstermen Protest in Corea 

It was in protest of the price they’re getting for their catch.

Some of the fishermen who have been at this for 50 years told me have never seen anything like the outpouring of support that happened today.

On a beautiful day like this you’d expect most fishermen would be out on the water but today boats were tied up to protest a drop in the price for lobster.

Fishermen say the price that they get ranges from $3.50 to $4.00 dollars a pound and that simply isn’t enough to keep up with increasing expenses.

More than one hundred people turned up in Corea today and they weren’t alone.

Between 90 and one hundred percent of the fleet in some harbors complied with the protest .

The price drop to $3.50 a pound comes on the heels of a spring when the catch was small.

Many say they worked all week and still ended up owing money for fuel and bait because there were so few lobsters.

I spoke with some dealers who didn’t want to go on camera.

They say their hands are tied because canadian processors influence what the price will be.

Many lobstermen say they don’t understand how the price of lobsters at retail stores can be eleven dollars a pound or more when they are getting so little.

They say someone is making a big profit but it certainly isn’t them.