Hotel Crunch for American Folk Festival? 

And this year, that increase in foot traffic is being felt even farther from the Bangor waterfront.

This summer, Bangor has about 180 fewer hotel rooms than it did last year.

Construction of the new Hollywood Slots gaming facility brought down the Main Street Inn and the Holiday Inn earlier this year.

The Executive Director of the Greater Bangor Convention and Visitors Bureau says rooms in the area are completely sold out in Bangor and beyond.

Bangor Mayor Richard Greene says he traveled to Bar Harbor recently and on his way found the Lucerne Inn all booked up along with four major hotels in Bar Harbor – all because of folk festival guests.

The crunch in Bangor is only temporary. By this time next year, the hotel at Hollywood Slots will be open. So will two more hotels near I95 and the Odlin Road, adding about another four hundred rooms to chose from in Bangor.